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My Hatha Life Practice

I have named my own type of yoga “HATHALIFE Yoga”.

Hathalife is about customising a yoga style and practice that is totally tailored to suit your body and mind.

  • To enable you to find your own passion for yoga that fits your fitness and lifestyle
  • To renew yourself and find your true body weight and image
  • To allow you to find your true happy self, without diets and hard exercise regimes

How does Hathalife do this?

By combining a healthy food choice and yoga, it allows you to find your own natural balance and shape.

Tedious gym visits and special equipment are not required.

Hathalife is totally individual and is personally tailored to you and your lifestyle, aim and aspirations.

Classes can be as simple or as challenging, as you desire or need.

Age is no barrier; you can start Hathalife Yoga at any age.

I offer an assessment talk to discuss your goals. We can talk diet, general and emotional health and any physical challenges you may have. We can plan what is best for you, and I can guide you to a practice that fits you and your lifestyle. This can take a few lessons or many; it all depends on you.

This should be an enjoyable journey that we will make together—a gradual process of enlightenment and fulfillment.

Hathalife is my passion; it would be a privilege if you would allow me to share it with you.